Gravel Inspiration

Gravel Ideas For Your Garden


Gravel is a very versatile decoration for your garden. With such a wide range of options to choose from there is no end of possibilities. Online Gravel have come up with just a short list of ideas to get you started.


Driveways are one of the most popular uses for gravel. It’s low cost and has an instantly striking effect. Gravel is considered more environmentally friendly than tarmac or concrete as water can pass through it, preventing run off and potential flooding. Gravel can also be cheaper to install than other, more intensive, surfaces.

Many crime prevention agencies recommend gravel driveways because the crunch they make underfoot acts as a deterrent to potential thieves.


Garden pathways look great when they are constructed from gravel. They are softer landscaping feature and can be easily changed and moved as you add new flower beds and planting. Gravel can be used to create an informal path, with shrubs spilling over the boundary, blurring the distinction between garden and walkway, or they can be formalised with defined borders and look very smart.

Gravel Gardens

Using gravel as a groundcover for planting has become more and more popular, particularly for those wanting to create a Mediterranean garden. Gravel can make a great natural irrigation system as water can percolate through the gaps in the stones and the weed membrane. Although some weeds may push their way through in the first few years, once your plants have established, they will block light and minimise this.


Gravel patios make a great alternative to paving, again helping to reduce run off and flooding. They can be a more informal and rustic approach to a patio than paving and look particularly good underneath trees.

Plant Pots

Gravel can be used to top off plant pots, adding a good splash of colour to them. The gravel also acts as a mulch which helps to insulate the plants in the winter.

Water Features

Gravel makes a great addition to water features as they glisten when they are wet. The slates in particular are really effective under water. However, not all gravels are fish friendly, so double check when ordering if you’re planning a new pond for your fish friends!